Frequently Asked Questions

Why do you need the new facility?

Muttville continues to grow, but our facility does not. All of our rooms are doing double and triple duty. There are so many shelters and individuals pleading for our help and more demand for community programs than we can accommodate, but we are limited by our physical space.

Where is the new facility?

The new campus is at 750 Florida Street in San Francisco, just a few blocks away from our current location. It's a complex of three buildings surrounding an outdoor courtyard.

Will you be able to rescue more dogs?

Yes, the new space will increase our capacity to respond to emergency rescue needs such as hoarding situations and puppy mills, as well as natural disasters such as wildfires. While we have stretched considerably during past crises, our new facility will let us save many more lives.

The space will also allow us to provide more comprehensive and complex veterinary care. Senior dogs often have health needs that must be addressed before they can be adopted. The new veterinary suite will bring nearly all of our surgeries and medical procedures in-house, which is less stressful for our dogs and gets them ready for adoption much more quickly.  Quicker adoptions mean we can say yes to more dogs.

Will you own or lease the new facility?

We will own it, and a portion of our project budget is allocated for relieving debt incurred from the purchase of the building.

Will you also keep your current location on Rescue Row?

No. We currently lease our space from the SF SPCA, and while they are a generous landlord and thrilled to have us there, they have always told us that the building would be put to other uses in the future.

Do you plan to borrow money to finance the project?

While we hope to secure all the money through fundraising, we will consider short-term, low interest bridge loans to support cashflow if needed.

What if you don’t raise enough money?

While we are working hard to reach our fundraising goal, we will modify our plans if needed.

Will your new facility be environmentally sustainable?

Yes. It will be built to Gold LEED standards (at a minimum).

Will you require increased funding for general operations at the new facility?

Yes. We are in the process of creating the detailed business plan for the new campus.

What are the other benefits?

There are so many! The facility will include a warm and welcoming adoption center where dogs and humans are free to mosey; multiple private spaces for potential adopters to get to know our dogs; a kitchen to prepare healthy meals and administer medication; community meeting spaces for Cuddle Clubs, Humane Education, and other events; and protected outdoor space for dogs to play and socialize. It will be a magical environment for the dogs and humans to connect.

Muttville Senior Dog Rescue
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